Ice Maintenance

Corey Jenkins

Scrape Tonight

Attention men:  We are only going to curl 6 ends tonight at Men's night.  We are planning to scrape at 9 PM sharp.  With the last night of the All American this Thursday, and League Night this Friday, this is our last opportunity for a meaningful scrape this season.

We could use some volunteers to help with the process.  Starting at 9:00 should have us done no later than 11:00.

I thank you in advance and I apologize for any inconvenience.   In the end, I know we all want to be able to enjoy the best ice possible, so lets make it happen. 

Corey Jenkins

Need Help Moving the Rocks and Scraper

We are looking for help moving the curling stones and new scraper blade on Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. We need to pull them from storage and put them out in the arena to cool down. 6 people would do it, but the more we get the faster and easier. 
Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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