Corey Jenkins

Easton Christmas Parade

The Easton Christmas Parade is this Saturday night (12/7).  We are #20 in the order.  We will be lining up out front of the firehouse on Creamery Lane at 5:30 PM. 
PLEASE NOTE:  This year, the parade route is different and the parade will be ending at the middle school by the YMCA and not back where it started on Creamery Lane.  That is a difference of a couple of miles.  
Talking with our Parade Coordinator, Matt O'Shea, we'd like to try and spread out the cars so no one gets caught walking several miles at the end of the evening.  So, if some people would be willing to park near the middle school and carpool to Creamery Lane that would be outstanding.  Already the Bemis' have volunteered to do so.  Anyone else willing to do so, would you please email Joyce and we'll send out a list on Friday. 
The thinking is of course that the folks parked near the middle school can drive the people back to Creamery Lane at the end of the night. 
Other than that, we'll see you at 5:30 PM on Saturday out front of the firehouse.