Corey Jenkins

Decoy Auction Tomorrow

Attention CCC Members:  The decoy auction party is tomorrow night and we still need volunteers to help and/or bring food.  
We are also looking for a toaster oven to borrow for that evening.

Food prep and serving:   We have 6 people signed up to help but need about 6 more.  If you can help try to be at the rink by 6:00 or earlier.
Appetizers:  11 have signed up to bring food (some more than one dish)  We could use more.  Food can be brought to the rink any time after 4:30.

This event is a major source of funds for our club!!  It is only one evening (about 4 hrs. of your time) and is crucial to our budget!!   Please contact Jeannie for more information.  

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Corey Jenkins, Thu, 11/15/2012 - 13:39

Thank you everyone who helped out with the Decoy Auction.  Jeanne said they were all very happy as usualy with the end result.  A wonderful way to kick off a busy season.  Thanks, all.